How to Become Part of Runtastic


How should you apply?

Please fill out the complete online form and upload all available documents. Please do not send your application documents via (e-)mail or bring them in personally. We will be able to process them more quickly via our online portal and reach our goal of responding within a week.

Which documents should you include?

Motivational letter

Give us good reasons why you are the perfect fit for the job and why you would like to become a Runtastic; usually, a few sentences are enough. Do not use a standard application letter and copy/paste random phrases. Take your time and think about it properly – it’s worth the effort!


We read through loads of CVs per day, so point out your talents as precisely as possible. Your CV should be well-structured, up-to-date and should highlight specific qualifications for the job you are applying for. If you just graduated or have limited work experience, make sure you include relevant projects or coursework from school to demonstrate your skills.


If available, provide us with relevant work samples, such as your design portfolio, code, apps, content you created or projects you were involved in.


If everything goes well, you will be invited for interviews: meeting Talent Scouts, team leads, Management members and, of course, an informal chat with the team members. We are flexible and can offer video calls or onsite interviews, depending on what works for you and where you’re currently located!

How should you prepare?

Before your 1st interview, we recommend checking out Runtastic, learning about our mission and purpose, our values, how we work and gathering relevant information. This will not only help you during the interview but also to reflect on your company fit. In addition, ask yourself why you believe you are suitable for the job, why Runtastic would be the perfect employer for you and what you expect from us. Because this is what we intend to find out. Is there anything you would like to know about Runtastic, the position, the team or anything else? Write it down while preparing and ask us about it during your interview.

What should you wear?

We do not have a dress code, so come as you are. You should opt for the degree of casualness you are most comfortable with in an interview situation. However, keep in mind that we are proud to be part of adidas.

What can you expect from the interview?

During the 1st interview, we would like to find out about your personal interests, your enthusiasm for Runtastic and more about your professional experience. We want to hear about your personal motives rather than listen to standard interview answers. We can assure you that you won’t have to recite your three biggest strengths and weaknesses. Win us over by demonstrating your values align with ours, with your enthusiasm for inclusive teamwork and your passion for delivering excellent results.


To us, the most important thing is that you identify with the company culture. However, we would also like to learn about your skills in your field of interest. To assess your level of expertise, we have come up with some short assignments and challenges for the respective field you are applying for.

Usually, after the first round interview, we will give you a few days’ time to work on an assignment that should help you get better insights into the role and us gain a deeper understanding of your technical abilities. If the results are promising, our hiring managers and their team members will then discuss your solution in a technical interview.

Meet & Greet

After you have successfully completed our formal interviews and technical challenges, we will invite you to meet your future team members in a casual environment. To be considerate of everyone’s time and in line with our hybrid work approach, we organise team calls as our default approach – yet, we’re also happy to find an on-site solution if this is important to you. Let’s talk about our possibilities and your preferences along the way!

For international applicants: what comes next?

We know relocation is a big step. This is why we want to make sure we’re there for you every step of the way, which includes support in obtaining your Austrian work permit, called Red-White-Red Card.

We will provide you with all the information you need to apply for the visa (in case you need one) and as soon as you have collected all the necessary documents, our RWR-card experts take over and handle the correspondence with the Austrian authorities. Usually, obtaining the Austrian work visa takes up to 2 months.

On top of taking care of your RWR-card application, we also offer a relocation package for those who are moving to Austria, which includes reimbursement of your travel expenses and a one time payment on top of your monthly salary. You can also check other benefits here.