We love our modern and lively headquarters! The slide from the top floor to the bottom is just the icing on the office cake: whether you need your quiet space, a comfy couch or room for the daily stand-up – you name it, we have it. The football table goes without saying.

The office is located on the 4th and 5th floors of PlusCity, a huge shopping mall on the outskirts of Linz. The location is super convenient, not only because you can run all your errands, but mainly because we have great food options (and even better deals with them). The tram from downtown Linz is the perfect connection if the weather is too cold to bike to work.

Need more information on Linz? Check out the City of Linz homepage, the Official Travel Guide Linz as well as details which the expat community Internations has collected.


We are a small, but ever growing team in Vienna, with currently about 100+ team members. Our Viennese Runtastics enjoy the perks of the central location right next to the Westbahnhof: great lunch opportunities and shopping in Mariahilfer Straße.

Not sure whether the mix of imperial architecture and modern buildings is up your alley? Learn more about the City of Vienna, visit the Official Travel Guide Vienna and learn what the expat community InterNations has to say.


Our office in Salzburg is home to mainly backend developers who enjoy the calm atmosphere in the office in the Technology Center Salzburg. Lunch opportunities are also great in Salzburg, with a cafeteria and supermarkets nearby.

Make sure to visit Salzburg’s most famous places, look at the detailed information provided by the City of Salzburg and read what the expats at InterNations have to say.

Austria is NATURE.

If you’ve ever seen “The Sound of Music” – yes, this is the landscape, and no, we don’t all wear Dirndl and Lederhosen. Austrians are outdoorsy for a reason: mountains, hills, lakes and recreational areas even in the city along the riverbanks – it doesn’t matter if you want to work out or just take a walk, it’s going to be gorgeous.

Austria is CULTURE.

Music, arts, technology and history – all of that and much more can be found in Austria. There are lots of amazing events throughout the year: enjoy classic and modern concerts in the Vienna State Opera, visit the Ars Electronica Festival in fall, get into the Christmas mood at the advent markets in winter, or watch international movies and plays throughout the year.


Austria’s diverse architecture gives our cities their unique charm by combining imposing imperial buildings with modern masterpieces. Any of the three cities offers an urban lifestyle in an area where skyscrapers and palaces stand side-by-side.


What we also love about Austria: it’s the perfect starting point for traveling – we are at the heart of Europe and can travel to basically everywhere within a few hours. The easiest way to start your trip is by plane, by train (ÖBB or Westbahn) or bus.