We challenge the status quo and make autonomous decisions. Taking risks and learning from mistakes is part of our culture. We proudly build awesome products and create an impact.


We take responsibility for our actions and always give our best. We are proactive and follow through with what we have committed to. We strive to think analytically and act in a data-driven way.


We value strong collaboration throughout the company. We appreciate various backgrounds, ideas, and skill sets. We help each other out, and for sure know how to celebrate our success.


We think BIG, aim high and set ourselves ambitious goals. We are flexible and proactively drive changes in our surroundings. We pursue a variety of opportunities in our daily actions in order to serve the company’s best interest and quest for success.

Creator Cave


Together, we ensure that we live by our values.
We are open about new ways of working and we adapt fast to new processes and rituals.


We are empathetic, inclusive and we show dignity to all. We embrace our diversity and warmly welcome every open-minded person — as we know that in the end we are always stronger together.