Runtastic DONI

What do Runtasty, introducing Swift and the Runtastic team page have in common? They are just a few of the many results of our oh-so-famous Days of New Ideas (DONI).

Once every quarter, the entire team gets together at our headquarters to work on ideas that are not necessarily related to everybody’s daily work. Every Runtastic can freely choose whether they want to initiate a project themselves or join an idea which looks interesting to them.

Every time, we have numerous ideas that help us improve our daily working routine, create completely new products like the leg trainer or are simply fun. It’s not crucial that we always create something sustainable, such as carving Runtastic pumpkins for Halloween.

Yet, if we do, we want to get the chance to add our ideas to the roadmap. Therefore, everybody who believes in their ideas can pitch them in front of the Shark Tank, consisting of 3 Runtastic leads and an external guest (i.e. celebrity).

This in itself feels rather unique, but what makes DONI so special is the vibrant atmosphere. It’s not just about the projects – DONI are all about collaboration, getting to know colleagues from departments one would usually not have the chance to work with, and having a great time with them.

DONI wouldn’t be a true Runtastic event if we didn’t celebrate it properly. Thirsty Thursday (at the end of Day 2) features our in-house DJ, catering and a couple of beers for everybody. All these features ensure that we don’t run out of ideas for the next DONI.