We are problem solvers at heart and the smart and ambitious craftspeople behind the Runtastic portfolio. Our mission is to build the awesome products that make more than 155+ million users live a more active life. Working with big players from Silicon Valley makes our daily challenges fun and unique. Tinkering on new products and features keeps us just as busy as improving our code base. Even though we are big fans of high-quality code, there might be a slight chance that our products are not flawless yet. If you find a bug, you better apply now.

Product Visionaries

We are the mind behind the adidas Running and adidas Training apps by Runtastic, dreaming big and enabling our squads to bring these dreams to life. Our mission is Runtastic’s vision: Through sports, we have the power to change lives. In our agile full-stack teams, we bring together engineers and creatives and walk them through the process from the initial idea to the launch. We build the bridge between the company and the users and inspire our teams to build products that make the world a healthier place. Got an idea? Pitch it.

Culture Guardians

We are the people’s people, the heart and soul of Runtastic, who take care of the company’s health and happiness. Our mission is to preserve Runtastic’s culture by establishing the best team in the world. We take care of our organization’s wellbeing, encourage a healthy lifestyle and make sure that our days are filled with joy and happiness. Do you have suggestions for the office, ideas for a company trip or do you simply need someone to talk to? We are all ears.

Relationships & Communications

We are the voice of Runtastic and make sure that our success stories are heard throughout the whole world. Our mission is to ensure that users are aware of the benefits of living a more active and healthy lifestyle; ideally, with the help of our portfolio. We love to tell our users’ success stories (in 15 languages), engage them throughout our social media network and offer outstanding support for our users. And, we create long-lasting strategic partnerships with influencers and business partners. Sounds fun? It is.


We are Runtastic’s courageous creators, building intuitive user experiences and bringing our brand to the next level. Our mission is to emphasize the unique character of each product, without losing the vision of our famous brand. We are proud that our design reaches millions of users, and that’s why we make every effort to craft pixel-perfect interfaces for them. We love a mix of creativity and simplicity. That’s what keeps us going.

Data Crunchers

We are the brains behind Runtastic’s decisions, mining our databases for business questions you didn’t even know existed. Our mission is to empower every single team member to make data-driven decisions. We not only deliver insights into our data but educate in order to better understand our products, growth and future opportunities. We help you question the status quo, and we challenge your gut feeling. And that feels right.