We learn

The best thing about our jobs? We learn something new every day. We continuously evolve and better ourselves and we get to go to conferences and share our knowledge with the team.

We take care of ourselves

When you work hard, you need recovery. We don’t just preach a healthy lifestyle; we also live it (more or less, to be fully honest).

We try stuff out

Close ties with companies like Google, Facebook and Apple certainly help (and make us proud) to work with the latest technologies. But even if it has nothing to do with techy stuff, we try it out.

We fail

If you try, you sometimes fail. And that’s okay. We don’t expect anybody to be perfect – just open and daring. If something doesn’t work, we fix it and do it better next time.

We have fun

We take our work seriously. However, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and embrace our fun environment. From intern to management, everybody enjoys the team and company events as much as goofing around in the office.

We are inclusive

Our backgrounds are as diverse as can be. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you believe in or whom you fall in love with – as long as you share our vision of changing lives through sports.

We embrace food

As healthy as we are (or would like to be), we also enjoy food from all over the world. It’s not just about the taste, but also about the social aspect of enjoying lunch together.

We love Austria

Aside from the Sound of Music scenery, the quality of life is outstanding. As we are located in the heart of Europe, you will find good use for your 30 vacation days.